Assignment One: Who Am I?

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.53.38 AMThis is the hardest assignment: Answer the following. Don’t be dishonest. You may not get very far the first time around:

1. Who am I? Who am I when I look in the mirror? When I’m honest about my innermost thoughts, dreams, aspirations? Do I take care of myself, love myself, propel myself forward to great things? Do I think that I can achieve great things or that “great” is reserved for people on TV? What do I believe I can do? Do I hold myself back with limiting thoughts? Am I the one preventing myself from being great?

2. Who do my friends see? My really close friends–the ones that I let in past the guard? The closer friends that I tell my hopes, aspirations, and fears?  Do they support my goals? Do they cheer me on or bring me down, saying “That’s stupid,” and distract me from my mission? If the idea is, in fact, stupid, do they give me honest feedback and help me develop a better idea? Do I have excellent, encouraging, positive friends–do I surround myself with visionaries–friends who will make me great?

3. Who does social media see? Do my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram show someone the world will think is great, or someone who brings the world down? If I were a future boss, investor, partner, or friend, what would my first impressions be of my profile? Does the image I am projecting to the world show a person who is going to be great? Are there questionable or confusing messages coming from my feeds and profiles? If I were to be judged for eternal salvation based on my feeds alone, what would the result be?

4. What are my talents? The things I do best. The things I don’t give myself credit for? The things, that if I could create my own job around, would make work feel like a permanent vacation? Do I have talents I don’t give myself credit for? Things people tell me I’m good at and I don’t take the compliments well? Things I love but want to improve? 

It’s a lot to think about. The first step in figuring out where you are going in knowing where you are. In my day, we had maps for this. I had to drive with the map on my lap, and if I took a turn, flip the map upside down to avoid being disoriented. Now, GPS tells you everything. You can walk through life braindead, obeying instructions, feeds, calendars, and obeying your friends and teachers. It’s easy to get lazy.

This exercise is about digging deep. About not getting lazy. About asking yourself some of the hard questions. This isn’t a one hour assignment, it’s a lifetime assignment. Start now. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one or two solid answers and a heap of denial. That’s okay. Continue to dig deep. Make one change at a time, recognize a hurdle, challenge area of opportunity. The rest will show itself.

Why are we doing this? Because in order to be successful, you have to define success. Before you can do that, you have to look inward, and see what you’re made of–with honesty.  Define your truth. Then live it.

This will be the topic of our first discussion. Be prepared with some thoughts and one or two action steps you might take. You can use the suggestions below:


  • Give yourself credit for your talents.
  • Identify the five closest friends you have that encourage you and spend more time with them.
  • Clean up and craft your social media.